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Music : Magni Freyr Þórisson
Lyrics : Örvar Ingi Óttarsson


Ferried along Acheron,
through Necromanteion.
In the realm of Hades,
wails of tortured souls.

Promised everything,
life as toll.
Wrathful war cries,
from the stygian deep.

Bathed in Phlegethon,
the howling maelstrom,
boiled in blood.

Ignorant bliss of Lethe
welcomes me with open arms.
Blanks my mind and
leaves an empty mindless drone.

Trails down to Tartarus,
haunting my mind.
The place of the wicked,
calling my name.

Light fading,
at the inner reach.
Through four,
one stands left.

Long and narrow lightless path
up to the dreaded last stand of
the realm of the dead.

Lo, there lies Kokytos,
devil in the flesh,
eternal damnation.

Domine tecum.
Beate Deus,
In aeternum patientem.


from Eschaton, released September 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Aeterna Reykjavik, Iceland

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